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Posted by: Jeremy on May. 25, 2016, 02:36
Hi! This is a great resource you have here! I'm trying to determine the distance/similarity between Indonesian and some major languages of the Philippines; specifically Tagalog, Cebuano, Tausug, and Chavacano. I see you have Tagalog but is there any way you could provide data for the others? I'd be willing to do it myself but I'm not quite sure how.
Posted by: Vincent on May. 25, 2016, 14:28
Hello Jeremy,
Thank you for your comment. Yes, all the languages you list are from the Malayo-Polynesian macro family so it would be interesting to include them. I could search for a resource but if you can provide me with the 18 words of the study in these languages, I could include them very fast. I just need a phoneticaly (approximately) accurate Version of the words, like here:
Example - Javanese to Tagalog
I would be very pleased to include them in the System!
Kind regards
Posted by: Jeremy on May. 28, 2016, 18:21
I was able to put together the below lists for Indonesian, Cebuano, and Tausug. I wasn't able to find the Tausug word for "Death" so I replaced that with the words for "Stone". I also was unable to find an English Dictionary for Chavacano but after reading a couple pages in Chavacano it looks like it's almost completely identical to Spanish - 80% or so I've read - which I think would make it an odd fit for this comparison. Please let me know if there is anything I have left out. Thanks again!
You (thou)engkauikawikaw
Posted by: Vincent on May. 29, 2016, 21:58
Thank you very much for these words. Theses languages are now included in the online calculator, although I think some improvements can be made as I have a few questions:
- I see there are many words with the sound "NG" - is this to be considered as two consonants (N+G) or is this a special sound similar to "N"?
- How should I handle the "W"? Is it really pronounced like a consonant?
- Although "Stone" is one of the most stable words for such studies, I haven't included it in the study for now so I try to stick the the 18 words I have in all languages. Re. "death", what I actually need is just the root for the concept - so it can also be the verb "die". I think in Cebuano, "Mamatay" is the verb but "matay" may be the root. If you are familiar with these languages, may be you can give me the answer.

In any case, this is now the classification of these languages within the tree - I think it makes sense:
Language tree Philippines
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