Resources about language evolution and genetics

Historical linguistics resources

This project is based on following resources:

  • Technology used for the project itself: This project is managed as a desktop application written in C# on Visual Studio using Linq to XML. The online genetic proximity calculator is an web implementation of the same functionality used on the desktop application and is simple code reuse from it. The distance matrix is generated by the desktop application only.
  • The program used to generate evolutionary trees from the distance matrix is MEGA7: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Version 7.0 for bigger datasets (submitted). Kumar S, Stecher G, and Tamura K (2015) –
  • The interactive trees are written with D3 and
  • Various steps of the research are carried out using R and the SigTree and ape R-packages.
  • Technology used for project publishing: Basically WordPress CMS using the Responsive Theme.