Discuss results - Basque connections with other languages

Posted by: Julia on Sep. 14, 2014, 9:31
Comparing Basque to other languages, your results are not consistent with a supposed linkof Basque to Caucasus language families. Comparision values are even narrower to Indoeuropean languages (e.g. Basque to French: 87) than to Georgian (Basque to Georgian: 89).
Posted by: Vincent on Sep. 14, 2014, 21:13
As you see in result table, almost no pair of languages get a 100 proximity when you compare them. This is because there is a high probability that some points given by the system are due to chance. The smaller the distance, the less is the probability the points obtained are due to chance. The average of all distances (#pairs = (115 X 115)/2) is 76. All distances above 80 are very high ones, and point differences cannot be interpreted at this level.
Posted by: Vincent on May 24, 2015, 12:12
The system improvements of the last months, as well as corrections in the word samples in various languages have brought sharper results and impact the classification in some cases. One case is Basque to Chechen which now show a distant relationship with an acceptable probability that these results are not due only to chance. But if you look at the details in the lexical comparison from Basque to Chechen you see that there is still room to discussion. However, quite a fair amount of information from various linguists is available on the internet which suggest this relationship may be valid. See Basque in Wikipedia.
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