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Loan words from Farsi/Arabic in Turkic languages
Posted by: Askar on Feb. 13, 2019, 13:15
You have some errors in Tatar language.
1. Death is not "Ulerge", right word is "Ulem"; "Ulerge" as a verb "to die".
2. Name as "At" is used rarely, the mostly used word is "Isem".
In Bashkir language Kuz is pronounced not with -G-Z- but with -K-Z-. "Name" has the same error, mostly used is "Iseme".
Posted by: Vincent on Feb. 13, 2019, 18:46
Hi Askar,
Thank you for your interesting feedback. Regarding "Name", my understanding so far was that somehow, "Isem" came into Turkic languages from Arabic "Ism", either directly or via other languages like Persian. I found the other alternatives as being archaic, but genuine Turkic roots. Is it OK this way? I need to exclude loanwords from my sources for the purpose of core language comparisons.
Re. "Ulem", thank you, yes - I will change it asap.
Here is the Tatar to Bashkir language comparison best regards
Posted by: Askar on Feb. 13, 2019, 21:22
About Isem-Ata dilemma for Name meaning. In Tatar "At" means "horse" and cannot be used for "name" meaning. But there is a word "Ata" which means "father" and in archaic meaning can be used for "Family name" or "Clan". Nowadays, "Isem" is the main form used in literature and documents. Yes, many "offiical" words in Turkic languages came from Arabic and Farsi, maybe it is nice idea to change "Name" for something more natural and organic)
Truly yours