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Comparative linguistics - Adding Kashubian, Rusyn and Sorbian to the list
Posted by: ThatEuropean on Apr. 20, 2024, 20:16

Here there are some slavic language i recommend you to add: Kashubian, Sorbian, Rusyn. Feel free to reply if you need help with translating the word to these languages!
Posted by: Vincent on Apr. 21, 2024, 21:12
I have now added these languages to the list. You can querry serches.
The inferred Slavic tree is now the following:
Slavic language tree
I have marked in green what a correct position of Slovene, Kashubian and Upper Sorbian should be(="mistakes" in our system compared to "canonical" classifications). These are very small nuances in the distances as the Slavic languages are very similar and our system, using only 18 words, spots only very few differences between them. The variance of these few differences leads to a bigger inaccuracy in short-range classification (you notice similar small inaccuracies in the Romance and Indo-Aryan short-range classifications in the main tree). Another reason is that a tree representation per se also has limitations when it comes to short-range classifications of languages which do not necessarily split at fixed times within a short time range, but are in reality dialect groups which remain in constant contact over centuries.
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