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Comparative linguistics - Slavic languages
Posted by: Vincent on January 6, 2013, 21:06
See how nice the results among the 9 Slavic languages of the study are ;-)
Russian -> Ukrainian: 4
Russian -> Belarusian: 8
Russian -> Croatian: 7
Russian -> Polish: 1
Russian -> Czech: 7
Russian -> Slovak: 9
Russian -> Bulgarian: 10
Russian -> Slovene: 4
Of course, at this high level of proximity it doesn't differentciate enough between them: Polish should be nearer to Russian than Croatian is... Using more words would help to narrow the results.
Posted by: Boris on January 11, 2013, 03:39
Oh yes, it is quite obvious. Can you add old church Slavonic? It would be interesting to see how it stands toward the other languages...
Posted by: Vincent on January 20, 2013, 21:32
OK - if you are familiar with old church Slavonic, please send me the words as in the table :-)
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