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Posted by: RafaRiff on Mar. 18, 2015, 14:10
Romance Languages
Comparing my mother tongue Portuguese with Spanish, I got surprisingly distant results. After checking the details, I have some suggestions to make:
In Portuguese, T before E and I in most places is pronounced as "tch". So, Spanish "noche" is almost the same word as Portuguese "noite", because the consonants sounds are the same. For water, the only difference is in the diacritic in the first "a", but both words are, aside the diacritic, written and pronounced the same. In "hand", Portuguese has a specific diacritic in the "a", the tilde, which makes "mao" sound as "man'o". There is no "n" in Portuguese, but there is a clear relation in sound.
The same occurred with Italian, where "ch" before E and I sounds as "K". So "quem", "quién" and "chi" sound much more alike than stated in the comparison. Portuguese "noite" is further from Italian "notte" than to Spanish "noche" (although Italian "T" is relationed to Portuguese "T" and Spanish "CH").
But, in general, this blog is fantastic!
Posted by: Vincent on Mar. 19, 2015, 20:07
Hi Rafael,
Thank you very much for your reaction - I very much appreciate such inputs as I have to rely on them to improve the system step by step.
I have now updated the data and the proximity between Spanish and Portuguese has moved from 24 to 18... Thank you! I have also updated mistakes in the Italian so that the proximity between Italian and Latin has now switched from 26 to 17... It also has impact on the comparison between French and Italian and other...
Mistakes have a huge impact on the results...
Thanks again.
Best regards
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