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Posted by: Vincent on January 5, 2013, 23:09
I had an offline report about Persian - the result for the genetic proximity between Persian and German being disappointing. I give results for the nearest languages to Persian (as the come out of the system!) here:
First, the ancestors: Sanskrit to Avestan: 41
Persian -> Tajik: 8
Persian -> Kurdish: 35
Persian -> Urdu: 48
Persian -> Pandjabi: 48
Persian -> Nepali: 49
Persian -> Pashto: 51
Persian -> Sindhi: 55
Persian -> Romanian: 56
Persian -> Ossetic: 59
Persian -> Sanskrit: 48
Persian -> French: 58
Persian -> Gyp.Romani: 58
Persian -> Hindi: 58
Persian -> Hungarian: 60
Persian -> Catalan: 62

The results are very consistent here, all 10 languages from the Indo-Iranian sub-family being among the top 13 (there are the only ones, plus Persian of course, I have in the study). Ossetic is remotely associated with this sub-family so no surprise we find it here. The presence of Roman languages as part of the common Indo-European macro family is also consistent. Only Hungarian appears in a position which is not consistent, as it is classified in another macro-family - but it appears with quite a high distance value.
Don't forget these are purely computerized results using only 18 words - which explain that not all results are perfect :o.

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