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Mycenaean (Linear B Greek)
Posted by: A.T. on Oct. 2, 2013, 16:24
I have followed the interesting discussion about Ancient Greek vs. Modern Greek in this forum and wondered why you don't try to classify Mycenaean with your system.
Posted by: Vincent on Oct. 5, 2013, 10:55
Good idea! There are good sources on the Internet with Mycenaean words. Unfortunately, it seems that only four words from this study's basic words list are available from linear B clay tablets. These four words are now coded into the system (try here: Mycenaean to ancient Greek) : a complete list of all 18 words is not a condition for processing (the list is also partial in languages like Etruscan and Sumerian). What is amazing is that the results are pretty much that what we could expect: Greek as nearest neightbour and right position in the tree (I have not updated the main tree - you see the results in the row tree here).
I think it is an other confirmation if the system's validity and a proof that the chosen words are really best suited for mass lexical comparison: take 4 words from a 3200 years old language - challenge them in a "E-mass lexical comparison" against 120 languages and get that language classified at the right place...
Mycenaean tree


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