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Comparative linguistics - Indo-European
Posted by: Vincent on March 15, 2015, 13:28

A fantastic source of data for the Indo-European language family comes from KurdishDNA blog's almost complete Swadesh list for 180 languages. I have coded this data to the eLinguistics format. Here is the tree generated with by the algorythm for the Swadesh-Yakhontov list (a 35-word subset of the Swadesh list posited as especially stable by Russian linguist Sergei Yakhontov).
You can query any comparison from KurdishDNA's Swadesh-Yakhontov part of data here: COMPARE LANGUAGES.


You can also query any comparison from KurdishDNA's complete data here: Query on the basis of the complete Swadesh list.
Due to the huge number of words, the results seem to be less precise than with the shorter list. The tree out of the complete data is available here: IE Tree from complete Swadesh list.

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