Indigenous languages of Taiwan: Formosan

Comparative linguistics - Formosan - the indigenous languages of Taiwan
Posted by: Vincent on Feb. 2nd, 2023, 18:10
Formosan languages
Source for the map: Wikipedia
I have had some request to add the Austronesian indigenous languages of Taiwan in the system, as they are particularly interesting from an evolutionary viewpoint. They are related with the other Austronesian languages like Indonesian, Tagalog, Malagasy, Hawaiian or Maori. According to Austronesian scholars, the Austronesian people may have originated from Taiwan and started to migrate from there some 6 to 7000 years ago (see -Taiwan birthplace of Austronesian-languages)
Formosan languages
Here a few comparisons:
Atayal to Seediq language comparison
Amis to Tsou language comparison
Amis to Javanese language comparison

Posted by: Vyacheslav L. on Feb. 20, 2023, 22:43
Thank you for adding these languages!

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