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Posted by: Youssef on Jan. 27, 2022, 13:27

As a coptic speaker in the boharic dialect the old pronounciation, the word four is pronounced as efdou not ftoou t is spelled as d in some words in coptic. Also, the source you depend on in coptic language is not accurate because it spells the words with the new aryanic pronounciation which was created in the 19th century by aryan afandy and pope kirollos IV that spell the coptic letters as greek letters which is totally wrong.
Posted by: Vincent on Feb. 22, 2022, 21:46
Dear Youssef,
Thank you very much for your remarks and sorry for my late answer. I was very pleased and honored when I read your email as there are just very few occasions to be in contact with Coptic speakers today. Do you really speak it also outside a Liturgical context?
I have extended my research to more languages and using other sources. For Coptic, my new source is The ASJP Database - Wordlist Coptic (
I am not sure how reliable you find it. For the system I have implemented, the accuracy for consonants is the most important as vowels do not count in our algorithm.
Here is the result page for comparison between Coptic and Old Egyptian: Coptic to Old Egyptian language comparison

Kind regards
By the way, I have compiled a page with consideration about the Semitic language classification and placed them in the wide Afroasiatic context to which Coptic belongs. You can find the page here: Semitic classification and Egyptian in the Afroasiatic context

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